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This game contains English language only arabic language is still in progress

Discover an old story while lost in a jungle in an rpg game 

Controls :

Wasd or arrows to move

Z or shift to roll ( roll increases your speed )

x or space to attack

Escape to pause

Press r in story mode to restart

2p survival mode added press r in survival mode to return to main menu

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Discord server :

Discord server

Have a nice game !

انا مطور عربي

I am an arabic developer 

Updated 11 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
Made withGodot
Tags2D, Action RPG, Godot, Pixel Art, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Playstation controller


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war for family windows.zip 25 MB
war for family mac.zip 39 MB
war for family linux.zip 26 MB

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Bruh, your using HeartBeast's game assets.


The main character and the bats look very good. The rest just feels unfinished. Feels like kids computer project for CS in school. Lucckly, I didn't pay.

To be a complete game, it needs a lot of work.

Also, the English isn't very good. Maybe foucus on making a good version in Arab first.

Best of luck to you.

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Thank you very much

I wanted a review that clarifies problems of my game

I am trying to remake the game as an update

It will be a big change 

Like a main menu and change graphics of the robot enemy and others

But i have tests right now and i will finish them 5 12

I am arabic tho

I can't pick up the this game

What's the problem exactly?

the game is not added to my account

Now you can claim it

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If you needed to try the beta test for the new update join the discord server i will put the beta test there :



I don't run anything by Microsoft, though  (nor Google for that matter).

If you ever post it somewhere else, tell me!


What is your opinion about the t rex i drew 

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haha funny!

The left arm seems way out of place.

Also, the head structure of a real Rex is more alongated and less round.

Did you know they possibly were covered in featehrs?



I finished my exams but there is another problem

My pc didn't work and i went to repair it

The problem is in the motherboard 

So the update may be delayed for 1-2 weeks tho

once i meet the other fox it restarts all over again, is this normal?

Which fox you mean the dad or the enemy? If enemy beat him. If dad then talk to him about his past and then get away and then it is the end. 

you can see the dad's past in war for family 2 which i am working on it will be money but free in first day so catch it

the enemy

anyway i am sorry i have played on browser and i thought the full game was on browser. i just read somewhere it was free.

They are the same browser and downloadable? No problem for not paying as you are the 2nd follower to me. I didnt see the problem you are talking about because my pc is stuck at lenovo start screen 


If you want to become a member of my discord community come to this discord link :https://discord.gg/XWmfENHf

Did you love the new cover? 

Also can you please donate for me or buy the bundle(instead of. Donating)

 because the dollar in my country = 16 pound and i think that the Dollar in America 

=1 pound 

Because it  will help me make the next game as i pay money to learn in godot

I think it lools good

have you thouht about adding a map?


Thanx for playing in which level are you? i never thought about adding a map? The way goes right or up 


Did you download the game when it was free? I think that. please rate the game as you see it and tell me your overall opinion

i played it on broswer

this is such a nice game but i don't know where to go

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Android version raised:

Android version

I am making a browser playable versio for Android

dont forget to post feedbacks and if you found any bugs i will fix it plus how is the 2p mode going

Added survival mode

Tomorrow i will make a survival 2d mode

which will survive player 1 or player 2